srm2prot Express software

Aleksey D. FilimonovORCID iD icon, 2013
Last Updated May 6, 2018

srm2prot Express software (s2pe) is a fast and simple tool for building XIC groups in four special views allowing the analyst to interpret chromatograms with the ICSP method, a manual method of visually Identifying Candidate Signals for a targeted Peptide. The term 'srm2prot' and its short form 's2p' (© 2013-2018 Aleksey Filimonov) were constructed from and as a shorthand for 'the converter of XICs from SRM data to reports about targeted peptides and proteins'. In the s2pe name, 'Express' means that this software edition is intended for partially automated use because the ICSP method was designed for execution by the analyst. s2pe allows the analyst to examine chromatographic profiles with coupled intensity-ratio profiles, both of which are revealed by special continuous transformations of XIC groups. srm2prot Express software is freely available for academic, non-medical or non-enterprise use. The main modules of s2pe are distributed only in closed-source binaries. The installation, shell and report-browser modules are distributed in source code, allowing further modifications for integration or new functionality.

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Support or feature requests, bug reports or feedback, requests for enterprise/medical use, or requests for integrating/embedding s2pe with/into your software or instrument send to Aleksey Filimonov at , using the keyword "s2pe" in the subject.


Arthur T. Kopylov, Andrey V. Lisitsa, Victor G. Zgoda, Orekhovich IBMC RAS